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There have been five phases to my mathematical education and experience. Most recently, I was a lead designer of software for mathematically modeling prokaryotic organisms as networks of metabolic reactions at a bioinformatics firm. While working on my dissertation, I studied the effects of seasonal and climatic variations in environmental factors on plankton populations in the marine mixed layer using a periodically-forced nonlinear ordinary differential equation model. Prior to my dissertation work, I studied boundary layer meteorology and mixed-layer models of the troposphere and contributed to the development of a large eddy simulation cloud model. During a year at the University of Colorado in Denver and during my first couple of years at the University of Washington, I studied numerical analysis and performed research on preconditioned conjugate gradient methods for solving the linear systems that arise from discretizing elliptical partial differential equations. I began my graduate career as a pure mathematics student at the University of Arizona, studying abstract algebra, various types of analysis, topology, and differential geometry.

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